Welcome to the Wonder Wheel

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Coney Island, Brooklyn, NYC, Alley, where all dreams can come true. A glimpse of excitement in the eye, like the refelction in the water. Let's get ready to have fun and dream away. Busy reflection near the Wonder Wheel.

Limited edition, 5 + 2 AP's accross sizes.

n 1/5 + 2 AP size of Image 5.13 inches x 3.14 inches, (14.6 cm x 9.9 cm) printed on archival paper of a size of  8.5 inches x 5.12 inches, ( 21 cm x 14.5 cm) Prices increase as the size increase.


Other size left Large  printed on a paper of 12 inches  x 18 inches 


archival paper, and ink, edition number title and signed in ink by the artist Jessica de Vreeze on the front of the print.